Emotional Development

A professional counselor provides Christian-based counseling to address issues in relationships, life experiences and past difficulties to facilitate emotional healing and lead to positive outcomes for the present and future.  Living in community requires developing self-discipline and a respect for others, and classes are offered to develop character building, time management and decision-making skills.

A resident will:   

  1. Participate in counseling (family and/or the birth father may also be counseled).
  2. Determine whether parenting or planning an adoption is best based on given information and counseling.
  3. Connect with the support services in the community.
  4. Participate in volunteer opportunities.
  5. Build healthy and respectful relationships with others.
  6. Demonstrate appropriate ways to handle conflict.
  7. Encourage others in positive ways.
  8. Participate in planned group outings and activities.
  9. Make a suitable housing plan after Hannah’s Home.
  10. Learn to establish and enforce healthy boundaries in a variety of relationships.