Hannah’s Home exists to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a watching community while providing a safe and nurturing home for single young women who are pregnant where they can receive counsel, continue their education, and become thoroughly equipped to make life decisions based on Gospel truth. Hannah’s Home is focused on bringing women to a personal relationship with Christ and teaching them the skills necessary to make eternal changes in their lives and in the lives of their unborn child in order to bring glory to God.
Mission Statement We exist to provide a safe and nurturing environment that supports emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual growth: • To demonstrate Christ’s love to pregnant and unwed young women • To share, teach and model a growing, personal relationship with Christ • To encourage life and educate young women so they can make an informed decision between adoption and parenting • To provide practical training for life skills, Biblical parenting skills, nutrition, vocational and home life opportunities • To equip young women to become godly women in their families and communities through counseling and discipleship and the study of God’s Word Vision Statement A community where the value of life is upheld and every child is born safe, healthy, and thriving in a loving, nurturing and stable Christ-following home.
In the mid 1990’s, Carol Beresford, a local pastor’s wife, attended a conference in Virginia and toured a maternity home. Seeing such a place inspired her to share a ministry opportunity with her women’s prayer group and church. She envisioned such a home in this area where single, pregnant, young women who had limited support and resources could stay and choose life for their babies; a home where hearts and hands could reach out with the grace and love of the Lord Jesus. In 1998, she began to solicit help from individuals, churches, businesses and the community to fulfill the call God had given her. Hannah’s home opened in 2001, debt-free and completely furnished. The Home was temporarily closed from late 2012 due to the downturn in the economy. Through the efforts of many donors sacrificially giving of their finances and resources, and a host of volunteers generously giving the gift of their time, the Home announced a New Beginning and reopened in Fall 2014. Since it first opened, Hannah's Home has been the home for 160 single and pregnant young women. Please help support Hannah's Home through your donation, time, and prayer.