Welcome to Hannah’s Home

Are you pregnant? In need of a caring place to live? We are here to help. Hannah's

Home is a maternity home in Northeastern Ohio for single, pregnant, young teens and

women through the age of 25. We offer a safe and structured environment that allows a

young woman to make a positive life plan for herself and her unborn child.

The Hannah’s Home program includes option counseling, which supports a decision to

parent or make an adoption plan for her unborn child. Hannah's Home provides young

women with basic needs, and places an emphasis on continuing her education. Due to

the generosity of our supporters, these services are given free of charge. At Hannah's

Home young women are encouraged and offered the skills needed for a healthy future.

Located in northeast Ohio, Hannah’s home can house up to 10 residents at any given time. If you are young, pregnant and need a place to go, please contact us. We want to help. Upcoming Events: It’s Coming Back: Baby Bottle Boomerang! We deliver baby bottles to participating churches, organizations and businesses, and they are filled with generous donations to benefit Hannah’s Home. Give us a call at (440)209-9615 or email Hannah’s Home to participate and help make a difference.

From Past Residents:

"The parenting skills that I learned help me each day to raise my child." "I am thankful that Hannah's Home exists. I am grateful to all the staff and volunteers who helped me learn and grow through this difficult period in my life." "I had nowhere to go when I came to Hannah's Home. It meant so much to me that people that did not know me cared. I feel that way about the volunteers, the staff, and the donors - they care." "The Lord is the first priority of the day at Hannah's Home. This helped me grow spiritually and prioritize what is most important in life."
Our Baby Bottle Boomerang is coming soon!  It will be held from Mother's Day, May11th, to Father's Day, June 15th.   To RSVP for the open house on May 17th click here  If you would like more information don't hesitate to email us at info@hannahshome.org or call us at 440 209-9615. Newsletter:  The newsletter is distributed quarterly. Our next newsletter will be available late March. There are many things you can do to assist Hannah's Home in their mission to help young pregnant women. Pray: We are always grateful for those who pray for us. Contact the office to have the monthly prayer calendar sent to you. VolunteerOur volunteers are the heartbeat of Hannah’s Home. They offer a multitude of talents and expertise. Donate: Hannah's Home has a list of continuous and ever- changing needs. If you are interested in helping Hannah's Home financially, you can donate any amount directly to Hannah's Home.  Hannah’s Home P.O Box 1395 Mentor, OH 44061 440-209-9615 or email: info@hannahshome.org
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